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I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  My mother, a fiber artist, had a gallery and shop that happened to be next door to a clay studio.  I happily spent summers at the clay studio and developed a lifelong relationship with clay.

I left New Orleans to attend Tufts University in Boston.  I did not receive formal art instruction in college though my studies  influence my work.  I also met my husband in Boston; and after graduating life took us to New York, Bethlehem and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, London and finally San Diego.  The exposure to different cultures, perspectives and experiences affects my work and me as an individual. 

I now live in La Jolla, California and have a studio at 7835 Ivanhoe Avenue in La Jolla.  I found a great clay community in San Diego and am a member of Clay Artists of San Diego and The San Diego Potters’ Guild.  


I am a clay artist with a passion for texture, color and detail.  My pieces are formed by hand using soft slab construction, coils, and pinching techniques.  I also cut and dart and paddle pieces to achieve different shapes.  Texture is a bit of an obsession and I have at least  a hundred different texture tools – some are found objects, others bought and most made from wood and clay. I happily spend hours wondering hardware stores, perusing cooking shops, scouring friends offered junk in search of texture.  And then there is the time I spend contentedly using some tool or other to carve into clay or wood.

I use glazes to emphasize the texture and detail of the pieces.  

I work in porcelain and red stoneware clay and enjoy making both functional and sculptural pieces.

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